Recently, I started questioning whether or not I really believe in the devil anymore. For many, many years I believed in a literal devil. The archenemy of God who was avowed to destroying God’s people. Someone who relentlessly pestered me as I attempted to make progress in faith and love. An evil being who constantly weaseled his way into our Christian conversation and prayer. Many a time did we rebuke him, bind him, yell at him, cast him out… you name it. But no matter how loud I yelled, how tightly I binded, or how thoroughly I rebuked — He just kept coming back. Exhausted from all of this devil hoopla, I decided to ditch the idea and chalk all those bad things up to circumstances, psychological perspectives, and outdated ancient ignorance. I’m done with this devil stuff!! Or am I?

While I am happy to report that ditching the idea of him for a time did bring some needed balance into my thinking, I can’t say that I completely believe he doesn’t exist. In fact, I’ve sensed him in some undeniable places lately.

From what I can tell, he likes to find dark places to hide. Since light is his kryptonite, he loves when we keep things hidden and unexposed. The more locked down we are, the more strength he has. His power remains in the hidden and the lie, so the last thing he wants is for you to confront your fears. Face your hurt. Unpack your junk. Fess up to the painful truth. He is like a sneaky snake who will find any rock, crack, or crevice to hide in. Don’t give him that space. Be brave enough to leave no stone unturned.

Healing takes courage and resolve; But not healing slowly takes your life. God created us to be boundless and free, but we only experience that freedom as we leave ourselves open and exposed to the light. If you discern that something is casting a shadow, pray for the courage to confront it… no matter how painful that process may be.

I am thankful for the strength that God is giving me at present to do some serious boulder rolling. I am thankful for the boundless love that Jesus is gripping me with as we turn these stones together (yes, I can’t deny Jesus either). Healing can be hard work, and I don’t want ANYONE out there to go it alone. If you find yourself in a place that you are ready to start kicking up some rocks and you need a hand to hold, please don’t hesitate to write me. I would be honored to pray for you, encourage you, and help you flip the light switch ❤



2 thoughts on “NO STONE UNTURNED…

  1. While I don’t subscribe to the idea of a “devil” who goes about wearing red tights and carrying a pitchfork, I do believe in a (created) being that is somewhat the antithesis of a loving God. It also seems to me that his primary goal is not to put thoughts into our minds, but rather to try and keep thoughts from entering our minds — one of those thoughts being his own existence.

    It’s been my experience that the devil doesn’t really need to “tempt” me all that much, since I’m more than capable of screwing things up on my own — and I’m an overachiever when it comes to screwing things up. Subsequently, in order to keep me oppressed, all the devil really has to do is to try and keep me from thinking about, and recognizing how loving and merciful the Divine Creator is to me.


    1. I’ve always loved this insight of yours. It is so true that keeping truth out of your mind is a much more effective strategy than just filling it with stuff you could easily filter out. And when I realize that his goal is to keep me from recognizing how loving and merciful the Father is, it makes me want to embrace those truths even more ❤


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