(Sorry I missed my usual Sunday posting last week. I was felling very POTSy. Next week, I will explain what “POTSy” means!)

I decided to lighten things up a bit today. I love talking about real raw life and growth, but sometimes we just need to have a little fun. I realized that I haven’t shared too much about everyday, ordinary me and the things that I enjoy. So, below is a list of some of the things I love (in no particular order) from favorite foods and blogs, to silly words and such. I hope that some of them bring you joy and maybe even give you a good chuckle. Without any further ado, these are a few of my favorite things…

#1 The word “shenanigans“-  I’m not quite sure why, it just makes me happy when I say it. It’s a silly word that rolls nicely off the tongue and brings images of little boys creating innocent mischief and playful mayhem (another word I particularly enjoy). It’s also a bit old-fashioned, and I am strangely drawn to many things old-fashioned.

#2 Ice Cream –


I believe ice cream should be a meal in itself. I will gladly skip dinner just to bank the calories so I can gorge on ice cream. We probably make a grocery store run for a quart of ice cream at least twice a week. My kiddos inherited my gluttonous gene for this tasty treat. Thank God for the good metabolism gene as well!

#3 My Bedroom-


This is my resting, prayer, meditation, yoga, and hide from the teenagers space. I recently revamped it with a Zen sort of vibe, and I simply love it! From the smell of earthy candles or my essential oil diffuser, to my cozy chair and bright colored bedding — this is definitely my happy place.

#4 Marc & Angel Hack Life –


This is my favorite blog. It is written by Marc and Angel Chernoff who also write books, speak at conferences, and offer life coaching courses. The writing is simple, but profound. They tackle everything from relationships, to goal setting, and how to start “Getting Back to Happy” (the name of their online course). I enrolled in this course and like the content. Admittedly, like many  other things in my life, I am way behind (sorry Marc and Angel). Nonetheless, their writing is worth the read. You can check them out here: http://www.marcandangel.com/. Another blog that I would suggest is http://www.everydaynatalie.com – my friend Natalie discusses everyday life, travel, family, faith, recipes … you name it! It’s a great source for a variety of everyday things. The topics are creative and helpful, and the site is very asthetically pleasing.

#5 Sushi-


I could live off of this stuff! I like really simple rolls. A bit of salmon, a leaf of seaweed, and a splotch of rice. Maybe trade the salmon for spicy tuna here and there,  a rainbow roll and some miso soup… I’m in sushi heaven. And it never hurts to wash it down with a cold Sapporo 😉

#6 Nature-


It is quite possible I am part plant, fish (does that make me some sort of cannibal because of # 5 ??), or something. I seriously need the brightness and warmth of the sun to survive and run at my optimum physical and psychological levels. I need the look, touch, and feel of green grass, blooming plants, dirt under my feet and air swirling about. I can’t live without the crash of the waves or the feel of being submerged in water. Winter months are hard for me. A piece of me shrivels up and doesn’t bloom again until Spring.

#7 The Tao Te Ching and the Bible-


Some people may not get why I like this combo, others will completely understand. The writing and teachings of Lao Tzu are so similar in truth and style to Jesus. Both books reveal aspects of God and urge a person to live for something beyond this world. At the same time, they also teach us how to live in the present moment. While I do not believe that any one book is the complete “end-all” to knowing everything there is to know about an infinite God, these two books offer wisdom and shared revelation.

#8 Good Shampoo and Conditioner-


My coarse Italian hair can get quite frizzy and unruly. Although I do not believe in taking out a small loan to fund locks that are soft and manageable, if I go for totally cheap product I look a bit like Mufasa. I have found the Black Cavier by Mon Platin to give me manageability without breaking the budget. The smell is also a fabulous mood booster. Sorry Simba, looks like your daddy is the only one who gets to sport the fro.

#9 Winning-


Yes, I am sadly competitive at times. I didn’t play any sports as a kid, but somehow I still managed to develope quite the competitive edge. Admittedly, I play up my competitiveness a bit just to be extra silly and entertaining. I love provoking a good laugh out of others. Being wildly competitive can be just the right platform for such an endeavor. It also creates opportunities for lots of shenanigans (see #1 above).

#10- My Imperfect Family


I used to try so hard to right all the “wrongs” and “fix” all the messy and dysfunctional parts of our little foursome at home. I wanted our household to function like any perfectly good 1950’s two parent home should. The problem is, we are a single-parent 2000’s home with lots and lots of imperfect. When I began to accept it, appreciate it, and go with it; our family got a lot more fun and a lot more loving a place to be. I enjoy that we can laugh at ourselves and any hard times (sometimes a tad inappropriately, but hey) and I truly prefer the real us to the pseudo family model I created in my mind.

– This is definitely not an exhaustive list! I could throw in new socks and undies, clean sheets, comfy pajamas, my sectional… and on and on and on. For now, this list will do. Feel free to comment below and share any of your favorite things!

5 thoughts on “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things…

  1. Oh, Maria, that was so kind of you to mention me! That blessed me. I loved reading your favorites. I have this as a future blog idea. I didn’t know you’re competitive! I would not have guessed. P.s. Let’s go out for ice cream!

    Love you, Natalie 💕



  2. Excellent list! What makes it all the more cool, is that nothing on the list requires having to live up to another human beings expectations. Simple is always best. And, it’s always best to do the things one truly enjoys for its own sake than having to (try and) enjoy something for someone else’s sake.

    PS — the pic of those luscious looking ice cream bars made my mouth water. *sigh*


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