For much of my life, I have had an incessant need for something outside of myself to grant me strength, validation, or purpose; for something  from the outside of me to define the inside of me. I was thoroughly convinced that I wasn’t strong enough, capable enough, discerning enough, or simply…enough. Unfortunately, when I was practicing a strict religious mindset I took this belief to the extreme. I saw it as lacking humility and somehow slapping God in the face with arrogant and satanic pride if I felt too strong or capable. Therefore, I often viewed myself and kept myself in a state of weakness. What a sad affair.

What I failed to see was that I am already enough simply by design. Everything I need to succeed in this life is already inside of me. Everything I need to overcome fear, make a goal and meet it, change behaviors I don’t like; all of the ability to grow and overcome already exists within. I was created in the image of God. I was designed with His DNA. By walking in the strength and power inherent to that design I am honoring Him, not slapping Him in the face. I am operating as the masterpiece that I am, and I believe the Artist takes pleasure in that.

So much of what holds us back in life is fueled by self-imposed limits. We often embrace negative beliefs about ourselves that define the way we see ourselves and our abilities. These beliefs also cause us to filter out the information we receive and our interactions with one another in a way that confirms our negative views. It becomes a continual cycle of false beliefs accompanied by negative affirmations, reinforced by a flawed perspective. Unless we interrupt the cycle, it will continue on.

What is holding you back?  Where are the areas that seem to keep you stuck?  What are the lies that are fueling those limits? When you uncover the faulty beliefs, challenge them. Begin to replace those negative affirmations with positive ones. Start to speak to yourself in a new way. Venture to see yourself as the magnificent masterpiece that you are, not the fragmented collage that you feared yourself to be.

Life is a continual process of growth and evolution. Know that you are enough to handle those changes. Paint a new picture ❤


4 thoughts on “Masterpiece…

  1. One of my favorite things to say to others is: “My greatest strength is that I know I have issues. I’m not perfect. And, I’m okay with that.”

    Welcome to the world of being perfectly imperfect…

    As you so correctly pointed out, living life is an ongoing process of growth. It’s rather sad that this basic principle of life isn’t one taught by “religion.” But, for those who have recognized it’s okay to not be perfect, they have taken the first step of being able to build and strengthen their relationship with the divine.


    1. Well said, Michael. I love that we can embrace ourselves as perfectly imperfect, and at the same time embrace the with confidence that God has placed everything in us to grow and change. For me, I kept waiting for this supernatural moment where God would “magically” change me. It wasn’t uncommon to be in groups of others who would constantly talk about how weak and completely helpless we were without God. But this was not acknowledging the fact that we were already strong and capable because we are His creation.


      1. I know exactly what you mean about being in groups of people who portray themselves as “weak and feeble.” That mindset is in complete disregard of the fact that: “God doesn’t create junk.”

        The cool thing about being perfectly imperfect is that I get to grow — and as I grow (even in the smallest degree), I get to experience, first-hand, the wonder of being loved by a Divine Creator.


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