We live in a significantly environmentally conscious time in the world’s history, and so it should be. Years of ignorance, neglect, greed, and consumerism have created a situation in which we have negatively impacted this earthly home we have been gifted with. As a result, our lives and health have become markedly impacted. From global warming to environmentally caused cancers, there is no denying that our choices have consequences – both good and bad. Emerging from our global problem, many new practices have been created and implemented. One such practice is recycling. We all know what recycling is. You take an old object – say plastic, metal, or glass- and you put it through a process that changes its structure and gives it a new purpose. The sweatshirt you are sporting right this very moment may actually be a reincarnation of Kim Kardashian’s water bottle! There is such a vast array of what even one single object can be repurposed into. Something that started off as frail and insignificant can be used to create something strong and useful. The possibilities appear endless! This whole practice of recycling got me thinking. Does not this principle hold true for all of life? Can we not take those experiences, situations, and circumstances that seem void of purpose and value, and “recycle” them into something useful?

For several years of my life, I didn’t understand this concept of situation recycling AT ALL! As a result, I wasted precious hours, days, months (and sadly, years) desperately trying to get back what I thought I had lost. Instead of taking the pieces that I did have and rebuilding with them, I continued to grasp for pieces that no longer existed. Little did I know, the pieces I had left were enough to recreate something even better than the original.

While it is true that we cannot control the people around us or all of what happens to us, we can control what we do with it all. Every setback is an opportunity not only to learn but to recreate. When we take this concept of recycling and apply  it to our everyday lives, just like material recycling… the possibilities are endless ❤

2 thoughts on “Nothing Wasted…

  1. Two thoughts came to mind as I read this post: 1) Paul wrote the believers in Rome reminding them that God uses ALL things for the benefit of those who love God; and 2) he wrote to the the believers in Corinth, telling them that if anyone is in Christ they are a new creation. Both are examples of God being the master at recycling/re-purposing.

    God — who is the Master Artisan — has continually worked on creating a mosaic from all of the broken pieces of my life (of course, I’m largely responsible for the majority of those broken pieces). And, although I’m still “under construction”, it’s exciting to know that God sees the potential of what I can be, rather than just the collection of chaos I am at present… all of which reminds me of a saying that was prevalent in the late 70s and early 80s: “God doesn’t make junk.”


    1. I totally agree, Michael. If we can really embrace the reality of this concept, we will have new eyes to see that each and every set-back, trial, and challenge in life is merely an opportunity to learn, grow, and build something better. Always love your feedback, dear friend ❤


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