(Photo) leaping man- Thanking the Spoon (thankingthespoon.com)

There can be a vast difference between those two words. The former can mean to have limits set, to be blocked in by a boundary…constrained. The latter can mean  to walk or run with leaping strides. One is locked in, the other free. And whether you are bound or bounding is all up to you.

Freedom is a choice. At least it is when it comes to how we choose to view ourselves and our circumstances. By refusing to have a flexible and growth mindset, we will view ourselves and our circumstances as negative, limiting and doomed to a particular gloomy end. By choosing to reframe our thinking and open ourselves up to a positive and growth mindset, limitations become exciting challenges and opportunities to grow and learn. What previously shackled your feet to the dusty earth can be the very thing that sets you soaring high and free — above it all.

When we stay stuck in a fixed mindset, even something wonderful like our spiritual beliefs can keep us tied to the ground. I have often noticed that some people of faith tend to lean toward an almost fatalistic acceptance of negative circumstances that arise in their lives. I commonly hear people resign themselves to these challenging events by stating, “Oh well. It must be God’s will.” Now, before you call me out as being a nit-picking bully for throwing my own peeps under the bus, I openly confess that I have been one of these fatalists for years. The thing is, I’m just not buying it anymore. God has given me the choice to look with eyes of positive faith, or wallow in the shallows of negativity and powerlessness. He has also endowed me with free will to consider options and make choices. Ultimately, the decision is mine. Even when I sense His leading in a particular area, He is not going to force me to follow. If I stay tied up and limited it is my own doing, not His. I can’t blame it all on fate.

Knowing that you can change your whole experience just by changing the way you think is empowering. It may be tough in the beginning to train yourself to think in new ways, but keep it up! When you drift back into old mindsets, just pick yourself back up and remind yourself that you have chosen to grow, and growth takes time. You were created to be free…unbound…BOUNDING.








2 thoughts on “Bound or Bounding?

  1. I love that you pointed out that freedom is a choice — particularly when it comes to how we view our circumstances. That’s why the Apostle Paul reminded the Romans that God uses all things — “good” or “bad” to our benefit; and not that God causes “bad” things to happen to us.

    Although — because we’re human — we view things as “good”, “bad”, “desirable” or “undesirable”, God sees them as a method to grow our faith and enhance our relationship with Him. Subsequently, once we recognize that basic truth when the seas get rough, it makes it easier to endure “hardships” (a lesson I’m still learning). Plus, it allows us to view our situation(s) with better clarity, thus, allowing us to look for healthy solutions.


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