When some blessings arrive, they may not be clothed in the way you expect; and they may be easy to miss due to an inability to recognize them. Some blessings come draped in fine linens and sweet perfumes, others come in unassuming ways —  a little more shadowed in hues of darker gray. Nonetheless, each still marks a point of entry in which God not only reveals his character and love but also gives us an opportunity to grow and expand into freedom.

Bring to mind a flower. It easily represents both forms of blessing. The bright and varied colors, soft and supple petals, stem of richer green. This piece is easy on the eyes. It delights the senses and quickens the soul. It is not hard at all to welcome the beauty of a flower. It seems natural to do so, even instinctual because it brings immediate feelings of delight and wonder.

There is, however, another piece of the flower. The piece that has been quickly forgotten; for the fruit of it snatches the gaze and makes the mind forget. That delightful creation began as a small and dried out seed. It was clothed in unassuming skin and buried deep in the dark of earth. It lies there dormant, un-alive for days — none to behold its unrecognizable wonder. But it wasn’t any less a flower.

Some of the qualities that we see as our greatest weaknesses, opportunities that arrive masked in opposition, what appears to be crushing rejection: these very things are the point of entry. The seed that can quickly be dismissed…discarded…trampled under foot. Yet, this same seed is our only chance to one day behold the fruit that is the beauty of its offering. You cannot have one without the other, and the seed is no less the wonder just because it is shrouded in obscurity.

It is so much easier to run from the opportunity, easier to shrink back from the challenge — hide away from the besetting weakness that seems to take you down upon each solicitation . But each time you run, the blessing also fades in the distance. Each time you shrink back, the growth is stunted. Each time you hide, the door to freedom still bears an empty threshold.

Never miss out on a blessing just because he arrives at your front door in strangers’ clothing. Welcome him in, give him a warm meal, make conversation with him…and discover the beauty that is hidden within ❤

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