(Photo) The open door-In your dreams by Jane-Teresa Anderson

That is the essence of a blessing, you know. It is a point of entry. It is a door in which God reveals Himself, His nature and His loving care for us.

Blessings were never meant to be the end-all in and of themselves. But we humans, fickle in our very natures, have a tendency to fix eyes squarely and tightly, hyper-focused, seizing the tangible prize. Often we practice this even to the exclusivity of all the multitude of wonders around us; and this my friends, is a sad affair.

God’s intention is not for our experience of Him to be narrowed and pigeon-holed. Relationship with Him was intended to be rich…deep…robust, bursting at the seams with connection, oneness…wonder.

When I give my children a gift, it is a symbol of my love for them. My care  for them. And even my intimate knowledge of them. I seek to present them with something that is connective and meaningful. I want to reveal a piece of my  heart and interest toward them. I want to add to their experience, not take away from it. The gift is never meant to take us away from the relationship, but to bind it closer.

How sad my heart would be, or has been, when the gift has absorbed so much of the attention that other pieces of our relationship begin to shrink. There is so much more I want to give them, other connections I want to make. More depth of relationship that I want to reveal to them. But narrowed eyes can behold only a very narrowed perspective. A connection that was meant to stretch and expand becomes cut short and unable to continue its reach.

When God opens a door, enter in by it. Receive what he gives with eagerness, joy, and wonder. But by no means stop there. Enter in fully. Allow the blessing to be a looking glass in which you peer into the heart of God and His abundant love for you. Allow that perspective to extend out, reach all around you, and embrace in its entirety every other way that God is revealing Himself to you. Don’t stop short at the blessing itself. Don’t narrow the gaze. Behold with eyes wide open– ALL the wonder of God.





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