“There was another life that I might have had, but I am living this one.” -Kazuo Ishiguro

Imagination is a gift that can easily masquerade as a curse. Without it, the world would be barren, an unhappy place void of art, song, invention. Romance would die, unable to stretch beyond the limits of logical and calculated love. Sameness would reign supreme because no one would be equipped to extend their thoughts outside of the box. I wouldn’t be writing  this now. But when I allow imagination to cover my thinking as in a mask, the masquerade begins. My eyes become clouded to what it is I DO have because my daydreams have become the craving of my mind. I miss out on opportunities to be present and connect. I am ten strides ahead, chasing the road but missing my steps. When I should be thankful and rejoicing, I am trapped in self-pity. My ideal is not yet met. I will be thankful and rejoice then; but then never comes. Uncontrolled imagination can be like a mist you always chase but never can hold. You mourn the loss of what could have been when situations don’t “work out” because you had the whole story planned out beginning to end. You lose focus on your opportunity to grow, constantly looking back and rehearsing different scenarios in your mind to try to fix what went wrong. You live in the fantasy life you might have had instead of fully living this one. Ouch. These truths hit way too close to home for me. But as I have said before, unpacking the junk and facing it is the only way to move forward. When the gift of imagination begins to morph into a curse, try and stop. Take a step back. Ask yourself what you have been thinking about lately. Be honest with yourself about any regret or discontent you are feeling. Give yourself space to consider a healthier perspective on how to make positive changes. Reorient your train of thought. Make sure imagination is the caboose and NOT the engine. Thank you Kazuo, for your thought provoking insight. This is going to be a tough one for me to master, how about you guys?

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